When making the decision to become our client, we expect to provide a level of service and first-hand experience that will encourage you want to come back as well as tell your friends with a whole-lot of energy how fantastic Alaska really is! Whatever it is you need, even if you think it is far fetched, let us know, and we will try to make it happen. Whether you want to hike on a glacier or see a bear nose-to-nose, or arrange a flight in a two-seater float plane for a few minutes, we can probably make it happen.

Within our network, you will feel like an insider, not a visitor. If you are staying a while, you may want to arrange a "host family" to show you around and take you fishing where Alaskans go. We can provide that connection for you.

Planning Ahead Versus Last-Minute

With access to a variety of partners, we can make a few calls to help you organize your trip in advance. We can also check around to see if there are any last-minute deals you can snatch up when adding a same or next day trip to your itinerary. These deals are usually available for one or two seats and do not last long.

At the Fish Camp on the Kustatan

ON SITE: The campsite provides many comforts and the ruggedness a serious fisherman would expect of a real wilderness camp. Facility Pictures The site is at the foot of the Alaska Mountain Range in West Cook Inlet.

LODGING: We accomodate up to 12 people per night.

SCHEDULE: Our guides provide a full days of chartered river fishing from bank and boat when you are there.

EQUIPMENT: We provide fishing gear, transport and lodging amenities. Bring your fishing license, waders, camera, rain gear, sleeping bag, cooler and personal comforts. Limit your total gear to 70 lbs.

Kustatan River PictureCONDITIONS: The Kustatan river depth can fluctuate with the weather. We offer a mix of spinner and live bait fishing. Fly fishing can produce desirable results in clear weather. The Kustatan is glacier-fed, and normally silty.

DETAILS: We are flexible and tailor your trip to fit your schedule and party. We provide amenities to make your stay pleasant, whether you want to stay a few nights or a week.

SCHEDULE: Our camp opens July 15th and closes the last week of August. There are several options for getting to the meet-up point at Mackey Lake, but there's only one way to get to the camp - float plane. From Anchorage you can drive (3 hours) or catch a commuter jet (35 minutes)to Kenai. If you coordinate ahead of time, we can schedule transportation from the Kenai Airport to the staging area at Mackey Lake. From Mackey to our remote camp it's a 20-minute hop via floatplane. If you need assistance, we will work with you to get you where you need to be and make the transistion as enjoyable as possible.

Call (907) 360-1989 or contact us for more information. Our packages include air transport from Mackey Lake, an average of 8 hours guided fishing per day, lodging, river transportaion and full access to all on-site facilities, including fish processing/freezing, and kitchen/mess area.

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